Zhihao Yang

Zhihao Yang

CEO,Guangdong Nanhai ETEB Technology Co.,Ltd

Presentation Title:

Conductive Inks and Pastes for Flexible and Printed Electronics Applications

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Presentation Abstract:

For the last 10 years, the silver nanoparticle conductive inks, which have been developed for their low temperature sintering features, showed excellent conductivity and solution processibility [1]. Various ink and paste formulations have been developed for a wide range of printing techniques, including ink jet, gravure print, and screen print [2]. As emerging technology, integration of materials, processes and device applications is a key for the flexible and printed electronics technology to transfer into a commercial success. At Guangdong Nanhai ETEB Technology Co. Ltd.,several applications for consumer electronics in the areas of smart packages, internet-of-things (IOT), healthcare, wearable devices as well we cosmetics have been commercially developed using R2R printing technology in fabricating devices on flexible substrates, including papers and plastics. Great market potential has been demonstrated that the flexible and low-cost smart devices will enable extensive applications in human life and future business.

[1] “Metal Nanoparticles for Printable Electronics” H. Wang, L. Huang, T. Xu, Y. Liu, R. J. Composto, S. Satija, Z. Yang, IEEE Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference and Exhibition 2008 [2] “Ultrafine Nanoparticle-based Conductive Inks for Printed Electronics and Solar applications” D. van Heerden, H. Yoon, Y. Du, J. Salami, and Z. Yang, Advancing Microelectronics, 37(6), 8, 2010



Zhihao Yang received Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1998 and is currently CEO of Guangdong Nanhai ETEB Technology Co. Ltd. He was Principal Scientist at Eastman Kodak Company in USA from 1998 to 2005, where he was leading the technical development of printed electronics. He is also a serial entrepreneur as a technical founder of several companies, including NanoMas Technologies, Inc. in USA , Zhejiang Gonda Electronic Technology Co. Ltd and Guangdong Nanhai ETEB Technology Co. Ltd in China. He is an inventor of more 30 patents world wide and an author of numerous technical publications. In 2014, he was selected into“The Thousand Talents Plan”program by the Chinese central government as a distinguished expert.

Company Profile:

Guangdong Nanhai ETEB Technology Co. Ltd, a high-tech company in China, specializes in development of nanomaterials technology and commercialization of flexible electronics and smart sensor miniature components. Since founded in April 2014, ETEB has more than 30 international patents and more than 20 Chinese patents. The company has extensive experience in conductive materials and flexible sensing devices, as well as large volume production technologies in printed electronics.