Yushin Kim

Yushin Kim

Researcher and Masters Student in Department of Printed Electronics Engineering, Sunchon National University, Suncheon South Korea

Presentation Title:

R2R Printed Flexible Conducting Polymer Based Electrodes for Wirelessly Monitoring Time-Temperature-pH History by Smartphone

Time: TBD

Presentation Abstract:

Conducting polymers have been employed in fabricating various devices and chemical sensors. However, there has always been practical issues in developing an efficient fabrication method and environmental stability when manufacturing the devices and sensors based on the conducting polymers. In this presentation, we would like to show a way of overcoming the issues mentioned above by utilizing a R2R gravure printing system. For this work, we selected two typical conducting polymers, PEDOT-PSSA and polyaniline (PANI), and formulated PEDOT-PSSA and PANI inks respectively, to print two different electrodes to respectively apply for temperature and pH sensors by using a R2R gravure printer with two printing units. The R2R gravure printing system with two printing units can print various patterns of conducting polymer at the first printing unit on PET foils, and then continuously passivate the printed electrodes at the second printing unit to provide environmentally stable conducting polymer-based electrodes. The two different printed electrodes, for the temperature and pH sensors respectively, are simply interconnected with micro-controller, NFC chip and 13.56 MHz antenna for the construction of NFC temperature-pH sensor tag. The resulting conducting polymer-based temperature and pH sensors can wirelessly monitor the history of time, temperature and pH variations by using the NFC function of a smartphone and can be used in developing a real-time diagnosing system for monitoring the food quality by using customer’s smartphone.


Yushin Kim is a Researcher at Department of Printed Electronics Engineering in Sunchon National University, where Mr.Kim develops and creates new innovative printed sensor materials and perform different types of printing technologies. Including the Roll to roll gravure printing of TFT displays, different other printed circuits.

Company Profile:

The printed electronics engineering is a new academic field at the emerging stage. Using a R2R (Roll-to-Roll) printing method on flexible paper, textile, and plastic film, it can manufacture various electronic devices at low cost. This fused technology will open the gate way to completely change the semiconductor and display industries environment. Possessing the leading technology in NT-PT printign fields, Sunchon National University (SCNU) has selected and been supporting printed electronics as a univeristy specialization field. As a fruit of this effot, printed electonics stated the WCU porgram in 2008 and extended the program to 2020 via BK21PLUS program.