Yu Xia

Dr. Yu Xia

VP of Technology and Customer Support

Flexterra, Inc.

Presentation Title:

Organic Materials for Flexible and Printed Electronics

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Dr. Yu Xia has obtained his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota under the supervision of Prof. Dainel C. Frisbie. Dr. Xia joined Flexterra Inc., formerly known as Polyera Corp. in 2009 and currently serves as VP of Technology and Customer Support. In this role he leads a technical team to strengthen the value proposition of the company and provide customers with technical solutions for various flexible electronics applications. Furthermore, Xia had served several R&D and management positions in the company, promoting flexible displays and wearable electronics. He has played a leading role in several technology breakthroughs in the company, including active matrix backplane using organic and metal oxide thin film transistors, printable circuits, and novel display technologies. Dr. Xia has published more than 20 research articles and is a co-inventor of 12 U.S. patents.

Company Profile:

Flexterra Inc. is a materials company comprising Polyera electronic materials/formulation technologies for flexible and printable transistor technologies and SAES Getters expertise in materials for encapsulation/vacuum/sealant applications.