Xiaojun Guo

Xiaojun Guo

Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Presentation Title:

Organic/Polymer Functional Material based Sensors for Ubiquitous Sensing

Presentation Abstract:

Organic/polymer functional materials have been widely studied for various printed and flexible electronic devices, attributed to their solution processability, low temperature processing and excellent mechanical flexibility. This paper reviews our recent work on engineering common organic/polymer materials for various types of sensors, including strain/pressure sensors, bio-potential electrodes, electro-chemical sensors and gas sensors. Approaches for improving the sensitivity and reliability are presented. These sensors are further integrated with wearable or portable systems, and demonstrated for practical applications.


Dr. Guo is Professor with Department of Electronic Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China. He leads the Printed Electronics and Flexible Integration (pEFi) research lab, working on core device technologies (transistors, sensors, displays and energy harvesters), hybrid transistor circuit design, heterogeneous integration architectures, and disruptive manufacturing approaches towards making friendly “human-machine-environment” interface electronics, as the base for future sustainable and intelligent society of “internet of everything”. Dr. Guo has authored more than 70 technical papers in international journals, and given more than 20 invited talks in international conferences organized by IEEE/SID/ECS/SPIE societies. He serves as Associate Editor of IEEE Tran. on Electron Devices, Editor of IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology, Member of Active Matrix Devices Sub-committee of the SID, Expert of IEC Technical Committee No. 119: Printed Electronics, and Chair of IEEE Electron Device Society Flexible Electronics and Displays Technical Committee.

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