Xiaobin Xu

Xiaobin Xu

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Jiaxing University, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China

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Thermal and Electrical Reliability of Printed Silver Thin Films on Flexible

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Presentation Abstract:

To understand thermal and electrical reliability of printed silver thin films on flexible substrates,two types of tests including cyclic heating and electromigration tests were conducted. In the heating test, the samples were heated with different bending angles. Further, the effect of stress migration and thermal fatigue on the electrical conductivity of the silver thin films was discussed. The electrical conductivity of a silver film decreased with increasing bending angle because of the occurrence of voids caused by stress migration. Meanwhile, a high cycle heating test caused cracks to form and caused further deterioration of the electrical conductivity owing to a combination of stress migration and thermal fatigue, as shown in Fig.1. On the other hand,silver thin films were formed by the EHD printing, and an electrospray technique was introduced to deposit a thin film of silicone rubber on the Ag wire as a protection layer [1]. A comparison of samples with/without a protection layer in the atomic diffusion during current
supply under same experimental conditions was made as shown in Fig.2. The surface of the printed Ag thin wire remained unchanged in the former, and EM induced voids and hillocks were found in the latter.
[1] Xu X, Lu Y, Tang C, Sun Q, Huang F: A simple technique to prevent electromigration damage in printed Ag thin wires. Materials Letters, Vol.225, No. 15, pp.21-23, 2018.


I was born in ZheJiang province and am a undergraduate student in Jiaxing University. My major is Mechanical Engineering. My mentor’ major research is Flexible Electronic which I am also interested in . I have studied in his team two years. My task is to build the test bench and test the performance of flexible electronic products .During the two years,I applied for the Chinese University students’ innovation training program ,then published four papers and applied for two patents.Among the four papers,there are three by the first author. In papers,the most content describe the research about solar cells and Ag thin wires.《Development and application of bending on-line measurement instrument for flexible solar cells》,《Design and manufacture of bending fatigue measurement instrument for thin-film solar cells》,《A simple technique to prevent electromigration damage in printed Ag thin wires》,《Morphological evolution and migration behavior of silver thin films on flexible substrates during thermal cycle testing》.

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Jiaxing University, approved by the ministry of education of China in March 2000, is an ordinary undergraduate college established by the combination of ZheJiang economic college and JiaXing college of higher education.After the establishment of JiaXing University,JiaXing normal school, JiaXing health school, ZheJiang accounting school and JiaXing food cadre school were merged  into JiaXing University.It has 55 undergraduate majors, covering 9 major disciplines of economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, medicine, management and art.Among them, there are two national specialty majors and 14 provincial key construction majors. It has established 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center and 6 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers.