Stefanie Harvey

Stefanie Harvey

R&D Program Manager, FlexTech

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Stefanie Harvey is a materials scientist with 23 years of product development and manufacturing scale-up experience in Silicon Valley companies, primarily focused on nanotechnology and interfacial engineering. She is a currently the R&D program manager at SEMI, focused on flexible hybrid electronics.

Dr. Harvey has developed technology for semiconductor processing yield enhancement, MEMS devices for genotyping and gene expression, RF communications, and thin films for consumer electronics. Among other work, she led the team that built the world’s first dedicated carbon nanotube wire and cable production facility. She holds three U.S. patents, several international patents, and to date has published twenty-three peer reviewed papers. Dr. Harvey holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Minnesota and a B.S. in Physics from The Catholic University of America.

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Vision: SEMI-FlexTech believes that tomorrow, the world will be healthier, safer, simpler and smarter because of advancements in flexible electronics.

As a SEMI Technology Community, SEMI-FlexTech is devoted to fostering the growth, profitability and success of the flexible and printed electronics supply chain, and enabling the many smart products enabled by this new class of electronic intelligence. SEMI-FlexTech offers expanded collaboration between and among industry, academia, and research organizations working in the field. Whether speaking at an event or participating in one of our R&D funding programs, participating in SEMI-FlexTech’s activities enhances your strategic plans in the flexible, printed electronics sector.

Mission: To enhance members’ opportunities to succeed in developing flexible electronics products and technologies by:

Advocating for the flexible electronics industry;
Promoting collaboration within industry, academia and government to identify and resolve critical technical challenges;
Managing technical programs for advancing flexible electronics from R&D to commercialization;
Delivering information on applications, markets, and technologies;
Creating networking and information exchange opportunities.
SEMI-FlexTech has a strong history in successful public/private technology development. In conjunction with our government partners, we fund technical projects and demonstrators, while facilitating communication in emerging technology areas. See a full list of SEMI-FlexTech projects at R&D Program.

SEMI-FlexTech has leveraged its time-tested intellectual property and invention ownership policies into several other organizations, including the Nano-Bio Manufacturing Consortium (NBMC), and NextFlex, America’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Institute, part of the Manufacturing USA network of Institutes. For more information visit and