Sora Hida

Sora Hida

Production technology engineer, Asahi Kasei

Presentation Title:

Sub-micron R2R Printing Technology Using 250 mm-wide Seamless Roller Mold.

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Presentation Abstract:

S. Hida (1) ,Y. Matsushita (1) , M. Abe (1) , N. Ito (1) , T. Hitomi (1) ,
K. Okuno (1) , M. Okada (1) , M. Ataka (2) , T. Kishiro (2) , and S. Matsui (3)
(1) Asahi Kasei Corporation, Fuji-City, Shizuoka, 416-8501, JAPAN
(2) Holon Co., Ltd., Tokorozawa-City, Saitama, 359-0011, JAPAN
(3) LASTI, University of Hyogo, Hyogo, 678-1205, JAPAN

Nowadays, flexible electronics & optical devices are required in many fields such as displays,sensors, and so on. Roll-to-Roll (R2R) manufacturing process is the key technology for producing flexible devices at low cost. For this R2R process, a Seamless Roller Mold (SRM) with high resolution pattern on large area is required.
We have developed such an SRM (Fig.2) which is 100 mm in diameter, 250 mm in width, using roller electron beam lithography (r-EBL). Our r-EBL fabrication is capable of exposing SRM in less than 40 hours, with various sub-micron seamless patterns, such as line and space (L&S) (Fig.3 (a)), mesh patterns, TFT patterns (Fig.3 (b)) and others. In addition, we have printed & imprinted high resolution pattern on the film using our original copper ink and UV curable resin. Fig. 4 shows printed 250 nm line width copper mesh pattern on PET film. Fig. 5 shows seamless copper mesh pattern on PET film which can be used for transparent
conductive film (TCF). This film is printed by our original R2R printing process using an SRM. It is 230 mm in width, several meters in length.
Now, we’re developing new types of film products to realize our product vision “unPad”. By applying our printing technology, flexible displays, sensors, antennas, and many other flexible devices would be installed into our society. Through these devices, people can interact with data, so Pads and other handheld devices cease to be necessary. This is our product vision “unPad”. We are looking forward to producing such new kinds of film products, and the request for it is always welcome.


Sora Hida joined Asahi Kasei Corporation in 2015 as a production technology engineer. He holds a Master’s degree of mechanical engeering from University of Agricalture and Technology. From 2016 , he has been joinning a project of patterning technology and printing technology development for printed electronics.

Company Profile:

ASAHI KASEI CORPORATION is mainly engaged in chemical business. ASAHI KASEI Group’s products and technologies, renging from Hevel HausTM unit homes and Saran WrapTM cling film, and electronic parts used in computers and smartphones, to performance resins for automotive, applications, and pharmaceuticals, and AEDs that support people’s lives, are used in various ways all around us.