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Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO), CAS, located in the Suzhou Industrial Park, is jointly founded by the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and Suzhou Municipal People’s Government.

The institute consists of two systems, namely R&D system and service system. The R&D system includes seven research divisions, i.e., Division of Nanodevices and Materials, Intehrnational Laboratory for Adaptive Bio-nanotechology (i-LAB), Printable Electronics Research Center (PERC) etc. The service system of the institute include Nano-fabrication Facility, Platform for Characterization & Test ,etc, of which the Nano-fabrication Facility has device and equipment totally worthy of more than 15 million dollars and ranks an important nanofabrication and engineering platform around China.

SINANO has signed several international agreements with a number of institutes, universities and enterprises around the world, including US, Germany, Russia, Canada, Japan, Finland, Singapore, Hong Kong and many others regions or countries. A broad partnership has also been established with many domestic universities and research institutions.