Simon Hao

Simon Hao

Sales Director, Yi Xin Technology

Presentation Title:

The frontier solution of printed electronics from Lab to Fab

Time: TBD

Presentation Abstract:

Simon Hao (Yi Xin Technology, Director and Founder)


We will meet many difficult points in the traditional PE process, like frequent clogging, limited materials, discontinuity, low printing resolution and poor positioning accuracy.


Now Yi Xin Tech can provide the advanced solutions to solve the current problems. Our super-fine inkjet technology enables extremely fine pattern formation using droplets measuring less than 1 micrometer in diameter. Our RGB industry inkjet printers can cover from R&D to MP production line with 2.5G to 10.5G with ultra high precision and stability. Our nanomaterial inkjet printer can worked with wide materials range with viscosity to 450cps and continuous structures. And we also provide the R2R slot die coaters and R2P nanoimprinting from lab to fab.


2000-2003  Institute of electronic information and communication, Tongji University

2003-2006  Institute Precision Optical Engineering,Tongji University

2005-2008  Worked at Carl Zeiss as application and marketing

2008          Establish Yi Xin Tech

Company Profile:

Yi Xin Tech is the professional supplier of printed electronics in China, and we focus on PE tech from lab to fab more than 10 years. Now we provide Inkjet Printer from R&D to industry, from one-layer to multi-layers and multi-materials; R2R Slot Die Coater; R2P nanoimprint; and photonic curing systems.