Shenzhen Shining Automation Co. Ltd


Shenzhen Shining Automation Co. Ltd

Booth No. A12

Shenzhen Shining Automation Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of precision coating machine and industrial mixing system. Our machines are used in new energy (solar cell/ lithium ion battery/ fuel cell), functional film (transparent conductive film/high temperature protective film/OCA/OLED/polarized light), Biological medicine (medical dressing/micro needle patch/intramuscular stick), printed electronic (electronic label/sensor/FPC& light, labels- Hot melt adhesive/solvent adhesive/aqueous adhesive) industries. We can provide customers with total solution of turn-key package.

In 2015, it is listed in National Equities Exchange and Quotations System (NQ: 832216).

Our mission: To provide our customers with innovative and dependable technology and share with them a Shining future.