Ryosuke Kuwada

Ryosuke Kuwada

Corporate Senior Advisor for TPK Touch Solutions Inc. in Taiwan Advisor to CEO at Cambrios Advanced Materials Corp

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TPK Touch Solution Inc. is one of the world largest Touch Module companies and Cambrios Advanced Materials Corp. is the world leading technology company of Silver Nano Wire Materials. Recently these two companies are working very closely to create New applications with Silver Nano Wire in mobile devices. In my speech, the latest product at Cambrios which performance is now superior to ITO is introduced. Then, TPK efforts how to use this evolutional product in real application is also discussed as well.


Ryosuke Kuwada started his career at Du Pont Electronics, major US Chemical company in 1984. At Du Pont, he experienced various Jobs and positions such as Technical/Sale/Marketing/Product Management & Global Business manager for Display materials. After 17 years’ service, he joined E Ink Corporation (e-Paper Venture company) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA as global Sales & Marketing Vice President. During 8 years at E Ink, he contributed for Amazon Kindle/Sony e-Book launch as well as creating supply chain in Asia. E Ink exited successfully in 2019 when he left company. After E Ink, he served for Toppan corporation in Japan as Head of Corporate Planning Division as well as Innova Dynamics in San Francisco as Global Sales & Marketing Vice President (Nano Material Venture company which TPK acquired). Now he runs his own Investment & Consulting company in Japan. His clients are globally spread in EU, US, Japan, Taiwan & Hong Kong.

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