Ningbo Flexo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth No. A09

 Ningbo Flexo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (NFET)

Registration Time: 2017-7-3

Registered Address: 669 Jinyuan Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo,China.

Registered Capital: RMB 5 million

NFET begins with an awardee of The Thousand Talents Plan, who is the famous flexible printing scientist and four doctors who are from Chinese Academy of Sciences. NFET is committed to R&D of flexible electronic products. The company has developed conductive nano silver ink, conductive nano copper ink, photonic curving equipment, roll to roll production line integrated with curving system, RFID tag and flexible terminal products.

NFET based on the printing method is a kind of green additive manufacturing technology, which belongs to the advanced manufacturing technology advocated worldwidely. The development of this new method has guiding significance for transformation and upgrading of Chinese electronic manufacturing industry.

NFET operates globally with a weill-balanced and diversified portfolio. Its business scope covers integrated whole industry chain with material, equipment, craft and terminal products.