Naoki Shinoda, Waseda University

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Structure design of electronic nanosheet for shortening skin-adhesive process

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Naoki Shinoda 1 , Shun Miyabayashi 1 , Eiji Iwase 2 ,
Toshinori Fujie 3,4 , and Hiroyasu Iwata 1*
1 Dept. of Modern Mechanical Eng., Waseda Univ., 2-2 Wakamatsucho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 2 Dept. of Applied Mechanics and Aerospace Eng., Waseda Univ. 3 Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, Waseda Univ. 4 PRESTO,Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST)
 Presenting author, Naoki Shinoda,,
*Corresponding author, Hiroyasu Iwata,
Skin-adhesive devices are being researched by many researchers in recent year [1] [2]. In order to apply a skin-adhesive device using a ultrathin polymer film [3] to the skin, support by a tape is necessary. However, with this method, there are many complicated processes, and it takes time to adhesive the device. Therefore, in order to eliminate support by tape and shorten the adhesive process, it design the structure of the nanosheet.
Firstly, a three-layer structure of the nanosheet -sacrificial layer -PET sheet on the skin,peeling nanosheets from PET sheet by dissolution of the sacrificial layer, proposed a simultaneous performing adhesive process of adhesive to the skin as shown in Fig.1. As an important factor of the design, there are a selection of a sacrificial film with high dissolution response and drilling for enlarging the contact area with water. In selecting the sacrificial film,three kinds of sacrificial films (PVA, PNIPAM, sodium alginate) which are water soluble and biocompatible are guaranteed from than the dissolution rate comparative experiment results for
a skin temperature 30 ° C, was selected PNIPAM. On the other hand, in order to enlarge the contact area of water to the sacrificial film, within the range of 100% film formation rate of the sacrificial film on the PET sheet after drilling, the hole diameter was set to φ 0.9 mm, which is the maximum value, the pitch was set to the minimum value Which is 5 mm.
When these are experimentally derived and designed as shown in Fig.2, the dissolution time of the sacrificial film becomes shorter than in the past. Furthermore, the adhesive time became shorter about 40% than the pasting time. Then, it worked when the electronic nanosheet was adhesive to the skin by this process.



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