Myungwon Lee

Myungwon Lee

Ph.D. / MBB / Professional & Principle Research Engineer,
LG Electronics / Sensor Solution Lab.

Presentation Title :

 Strategic process  for the success in the Printed Electronics

Presentation Abstract:

Printed electronics has been paid attention for a long time as a technology that changes the rule of the future market. In particular, Printed Electronics technology became more meaningful because many experts and groups are working hard on the technology of Clean, Green and Flexible & Wearable Devices on which all are paying attention. Even though the number of the reports and published papers on the world’s leading technologies for the future tells the great growth, the current level of the technology and markets can not be said to be very positive. For that reason, I will talk about the hidden story of Printed Electronics that would lead the future, which factors are affecting this situation, and a strategic way how to break it through.


Myungwon Lee, Ph.D. has been Principle Researcher and Master Black Belt(for Six Sigma)of main R&D center at LG Electronics since 2000 with developing a materials & technology (Sensor & Display) for Printed Electronics & Flexible Device. Prior to joining LG Electronics, Dr. Lee was the staff of technical strategy division (France), researcher (LTCC-M technology and  inorganic materials/main research center) and took over the responsibility for the new products and applications for DAEWOO  Electronics.

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