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Gravure Printing of Graphene for Flexible Gas Sensors: A Review

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Printed sensors have become more and more important in wireless technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT), due to the green, large-scale and low cost fabrication of them. Printing technology is especially suitable for sensors which need to convert non-electrical signals to electrical signals, or those need to integrate various kind of materials. Graphene-based materials have also been investigated in sensor technologies, from chemical sensing to detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The progress of printed graphene-based flexible gas sensors in terms of material preparation, sensor fabrication, and their performance are reviewed here. In this review, the history of the printed sensors is overviewed, including its application, and requirements of the inks and substrates. Then we discuss the research work in our groups about various types of printed sensors in recent years. Finally, the challenges for developing future generation of flexible and stretchable sensors for wearable technology that would be usable for the IoT are also highlighted.

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Dr. Lei HUANG is a Professor and head of Joint Lab with Wuhu Token for Graphene Electrical Materials and Application at Shanghai Normal University. he was selected as a Distinguished Professor & Eastern Scholar at Shanghai in 2009. Since 1997, he has developed thin film devices and carbon nanotubes for various electronic devices in Singapore and Japqan for 10 years. In addition, he also have 4 years of industrial experience in portable wireless devices with an emphasis on manufacturing processes. He has more than 60 SCI publications and holds 3 US patents and 5 China Patents. His research interests are nano-carbon inks; printed smart sensors & energy devices..

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