Hyejin Park

Hyejin Park

Hyejin Park, Ph.D, Sunchon National University

Presentation Title:

Fully R2R gravure printed 4 bit NFC Tag for based on Carbon Nanotube Ink

Time: TBD

Presentation Abstract:

Current Si based technology cannot meet both the variety of functions and stringent lower cost requirement in real-world applications. That’s why the high throughput of roll-to-roll gravure has been considered as an alternative way to attain a variety functions of NFC tags with extremely low cost, but remained nascent for over a decade because of the lack of R2R printing systems to integrate a number of p-type and n-type based TFTs with narrow variations of threshold and poor properties of modulator TFTs for communication between printed tag and reader. In order to open markets and meet challenges in printed NFC tags, we need to first commercialize fully printed TFT integrated electronics products consisting fully n and p-type carbon nanotube ink based thin film transistors (TFTs) with low power consumption and stable operation. For this purpose, fully R2R gravure printed 45 TFTs based logic circuit was integrated with R2R gravure printed 13.56 MHz rectenna[1] to generate 4 bit digital codes. In this presentation, we would like to report the production yield, operation voltage and life time of the fully R2R gravure printed CMOS based 4 bit NFC tag to meet the low manufacturing cost and very low operation voltage (DC < 1.5V). Those works will open the first commercial product of printed TFTs bases electronics devices to meet in the real requirement for the application in the low functional devices.


received the B.S. degrees in Dept. of Graphic Arts Information Engineering, from Pukyong National University, Busan, Korea, in 2010. She received the M.S. degree in Department of Printed Electronic Engineering, Sunchon National University, Sunchon, Korea, in 2012. She is currently working as a Ph. D graduate student for developing a new concept of electronic ink to improve electrical property and printability simultaneously by applying quantum mechanics on fluid mechanics.

Company Profile:

Our ultimate goal is developing technologies for commercializing a fully R2R gravure printed RF sensor and TFT active matrixes devices to utilize in the field of IoT.

To accomplish this goal, first, we have developed interdisciplinary education programs including experimental courses for R2R gravure printed TFTs.

Second, we have focused on the intensive industry oriented research programs for developing low functional electronic devices through integrating printed TFTs.

Third, we are keep improving electronic inks (metal, semiconductor and insulator) based on fluid mechanics and quantum mechanics.