Hye Moon Lee

Hye Moon Lee

 Company: Alink Co., Ltd. Position: CEO

Presentation Title

Aluminum Coated Flexible Film and Textiles for Electronics and Environmental Industries

Presentation Abstract:

Alink is a start-up company established by the research team developed aluminum ink and its coating processes on glass, plastic, and fabrics at Korea Institute of Materials Science. We have successfully developed an aluminum ink production system and a roll to roll coating system using the aluminum ink. In addition to this, the aluminum coated textiles are being applied to several kinds of electronics and environmental industries. Especially, the aluminum coated conductive textiles are being used in stylus pen for LG smart phone, and we are also trying to apply the aluminum coated conductive unwoven filters to air cleaning system for perfective removal of fine particulate pollutants. In this presentation, thus, I will introduce the aforementioned technologies from aluminum ink production and coating processes to application of conductive textiles to several kinds of industries.


Job Experience 2016. 1. ~ Current: CEO in Alink Co., Ltd. 2006. 4. ~ Current: Principal Researcher Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS) 1996. 3. ~ 2002. 3.: Senior Researcher in Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials Academic Experience 2006. 3: Doctor of Eng. Chemical Engineering, Hiroshima University, Japan 1996. 2: Ms. Environmental Science & Engineering, KyungHee University, Korea 1992. 2: Bs. Environmental Science & Engineering, KyungHee University, Korea

Company Profile:

Alink Co., Ltd. is a startup company, founded on January 5, 2016 by a research team who have developed aluminum ink and coating technologies at Korea Institute of Materials Science. Based on the unprecedented technology described as ‘aluminium coating technology using wet-process performed in room temperature’, Alink has laid the foundation for industrialisation of aforementioned breakthrough by developing complementary technology to allow coating of highly conductive aluminium nanostructures on the surfaces of metal, glass, plastic, and fabric. Now Alink is making an effort to successfully commercialize a highly conductive textile for mobile phone and an environmental filter for removal of fine particulate pollutants using the aluminum ink and its coating technologies.