Flexible Electronics 2018

topics of flexible electronics 2018

Flexible Display Market
○ Foldable OLED
○ Printed OLED
○ Flexible display applications
○ Inkjet printing OLED
○ Materials for flexible electronics
○ Flexible hybrid electronics in automotive
○Flexible MicroLEDs display
○New applications in IoT

About FES 2018

Co-located with 9th International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics, Flexible Electronics Summit 2018(3rd Printed and Flexible Electroncs China)is a yearly event organized by CZIPEI & Demand-LED. The conference will bring area of applications of technological breakthroughs, product demonstrations and end-use case sharing including market trends, up-to-date materials research, production processes, wearable, smart fabrics, flexible display & lighting, biomedical, automotive, structural electronic energy harvesting and storage, internet of things, sensors, smart packaging and logistics etc.

What Can You Expect on FES 2018?

& Focus on flexible display market, including market analysis, latest development, application.

& 10+ hours of social networking opportunities and social dinners 

& 20+ keynote speakers

& 20+ exhibitors with latest materials, equipment, technology and product results 

& 100+ experts from top industries & research institutes

& Strong media press with onsite interview and report

Join us at FES 2018 & ICFPE 2018!