The interests in large area, flexible and low cost electronics are increasing rapidly in recent years. Printing offers an alternative technique for the manufacturing of large area and flexible electronics, which is additive, “green”, and potentially at low cost. Printed electronics, together with a large family of new “breed” of electronics such as organic electronics, plastic electronics, flexible electronics, transparent electronics, paper electronics, wearable electronics, e-textiles, etc., are considered as complimentary to the dominant silicon microelectronics. Being flexible and printable enable a variety of innovative products that make our life colorful, more convenient, more fun and above all, better quality.

The International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics (ICFPE) is one of the three major international conferences for the new breed of electronics, which aims to bring together the best minds in academia and industry to discuss the challenges and to exchange ideas. The other two are LOPEC in Europe and FlexTech in USA. The ICFPE started in 2009 in Asian continent and has been rotated among South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and mainland China. China already hosted the 5th ICFPE in 2014 in Beijing. This year the ICFPE comes back to China again. The ICFPE 2018 will be held on 25-28 September in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province.

Though starting slightly late in printed electronics R&D compared to our neighbors, China is embracing the technology with great enthusiasms. China started its own National Symposium of on Printed Electronics in 2010, which was only a year late than the 1st ICFPE. The Chinese Industrial Alliance for Printed Electronics (IAPE) was formed in 2011. Research centers and enterprises devoted to printed electronics sprung up across the country in the last 8 years. China as the world largest manufacturing base for everything, particularly, in the electronics sector, will also be one of the major driving forces to push flexible printed electronics from research to commercialization.

China views the hosting of ICFPE 2018 as a great opportunity to let the Chinese researchers and industrialists see the worldwide development of flexible and printed electronics, and also to show the world what China has achieved. A special feature of this year’s ICFPE is the hosting of flexible printed electronics business competition.

Under the guidance of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT), hosted by Information Center of MIIT, Changzhou Xinbei District Government and CAIPEI,startups are invited to present their business cases and investors are invited to sit in the panel, so as to let the money match the innovative technologies. We anticipate that the ICFPE 2018 will draw more paper submissions and attendees within China and worldwide. We are looking forward to greeting you at the conference in Changzhou.  

Scope of ICFPE 2018

  • Synthesis, production and characterization of printable organic and inorganic electronic materials
  • Processes, techniques and equipments for flexible and printed electronics
  • Solution-processing and/or printing of organic and inorganic thin film transistors
  • Solution-processing and/or printing of organic and inorganic thin film solar cells
  • Printed OLED, quantum dots and e-paper display
  • Fabrication of flexible and plastic sensors by printing and their applications
  • Printed e-textiles and smart cloths
  • Applications of flexible, stretchable and wearable electronics
  • Green manufacturing of printed circuit (PCB) boards and RFID antennas
  • Intelligent packaging based on flexible and printed electronics
  • Industrial scale printing of nanomaterials

Topics of ICFPE 2018 include

Flexible Display Market
○ Foldable OLED
○ Printed OLED
○ Flexible display applications
○ Inkjet printing OLED
○ Materials for flexible electronics
○ Flexible hybrid electronics in automotive
○Flexible MicroLEDs display
○New applications in IoT

  • Substrate Material
  • Barrier Film
  • Encapsulation
  • Transparent Conductive Films
  • Conductive Inks
  • CNT Based
  • 2D Materials(Graphene)
  • Device Physics & Circuit Design
  • Electrical Measurement & Evaluation
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Hybrid manufacturing
  • Scaling-up issues
  • Measurement and Reliability
  • Equipment (roll-to-roll, printing, coating etc)
  • Displays
    • OLED
    • Electrophoretic
    • Electrochromic
    • Electroluminescent
    • Flexible LCD
  • Lighting
    • OLED
    • Printed LED
  • Biomedical
  • Touch
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Image
  • Gas
  • Transistors
  • Memory
  • Photovoltaics
    • Crystalline Silicon PV
    • Thin Film PV
  • Energy Storage
    • Single Use
    • Rechargeable
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Processes and Equipment for Flexible and Printed Electronics
  • Solution-processing and Printing of TFT and Solar Cells
  • Printed OLED, Quantum Dots and E-paper
  • Fabrication and Application of Flexible and Plastic Sensors
  • Printed Flexible, Stretchable and Wearable Electronics