Hak-Sung Kim

Hak-Sung Kim

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineeering, Hanyang University

Presentation Title:

Flash light sintering technique and its application to printed electronics


Presentation Abstract:

Key issue of printed electronics is in-situ, low temperature and large area sintering of metal/ceramic based nanoinks to realize the passive and active electronic components on low temperature flexible substrate with high speed for mass production. In this talk, we introduce a flash light sintering technique (intense pulsed light sintering) for millisecond, large area sintering of nanoparticles ink in ambient conditions. variety of conductive nanoinks such as silver, copper, nickel and hybrid Cu-Ag nanoink has been successfully sintered and transformed to the conductive path without damage of the polymer substrate, which will be main topic in this talk.

The flash light sintering technology is opening new avenue for the printed electronics industry and high performace nanomaterials in a variety of the energy applications owing to its many advantages.


Prof. Hak-Sung Kim received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in 2006. When he was in UCLA (2008) as the lecturer/postdoctoral reseacher, he published the journal paper about the intense pulsed light sintering of copper oxide shell/copper core nanoparticles for printed electronics (Applied Physics A, 97, 791-798, 2009). Since 2008, he has worked in the field on flash light sintering of the metal nanoinks for 10 years, and published more than 60 journal papers and 30 patents, related to the flash light sintering technology. Prof. Kim is currently working as a professor in Hanyang university.




Ph. D. Mechanical Engineering KAIST 2003~2006 

M.S. Mechanical Engineering KAIST 2001~2003 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering KAIST 1997~2001 


Academic Experiences


Postdoctoral researcher   UCLA      2008 ~ 2010

Lecturer               UCLA 2009 ~ 2010

Professor        Hanyang university 2010~present

Industrial Experiences

Senior Researcher in Samsung electronics2006 ~ 2008

Company Profile:

Hanyang University was founded in 1939. It is ranked 4th in the number of CEO’s at the top 100 Korean companies and 5th in Korea by number of SCI citations.