Gaetano Campanella

Scientist, Functional Chemicals Labs, SAES Getters S.p.A.

Presentation Title:

Functional chemicals for lifetime ensurance in Printed and Flexible Organic Electronics

Presentation Abstract:

Gaetano Campanella (1,*), Alessandra Colombo (1), Paolo Vacca(1) (1) Functional Chemicals R&D Labs, SAES Getters S.p.A., Viale Italia 77 – 20020 Lainate (MI), Italy

Organic Electronics enables the development of electronics devices on flexible substrates making feasible new devices configurations and strongly increasing application fields. Devices performances are continuously improved through the synthesis of new materials and the definition of convenient architectures mainly based on conjugated organic semiconductors and low work function metals. Unfortunately these material show high sensitivity to moisture and oxygen and the preservation of their performance needs the adoption of protective encapsulation products able to keep the concentrations of harmful gases at extremely low values [1]. SAES Functional Chemicals Labs have developed a set of innovative dispensable products based on an optimized combination of peculiar characteristics of polymer materials and active functionalities of inorganic getter materials suitable to guarantee long lifetime to organic electronics devices on flexible substrates. Four products will be described in terms of rheological features and processability, polymerization mechanism and conditions, functional performances and feasibility for application on flexible substrates. In detail, a new version of AqvaDry®-Ink will be reported like a transparent getter materials compliant to ink-jet printing process and to the integration in multilayer barrier structures. The related Optical Clear Adhesive version, AqvaDry®-OCA, will be discussed like system able to meet transparency and reasonable moisture sorption capacity requirements for top emission flexible devices [2]. FlexGloo™-HC will be also described like an ideal compromise in terms polymer chain mobility (high flexibility), getter performances (suitable sorption capacity) and moisture diffusivity (low WVTR) [3]. Finally a hot melt adhesive, H-Dry™, will be also introduced like a new approach for the sealing of flexible devices [4]. References [1] P. Vacca, in Organic and Printed Electronics, Fundamentals and Application (Edited by G. Nisato, D. Lupo and S. Ganz), Pan Stanford Editor, 2016 [2] P. Vacca, Dispensable polymeric precursor composition for transparent composite sorber materials. PCT 2012, WO045557A1. [3] P. Vacca, Curable adhesive compositions for flexible substrates. PCT 2017, WO067865A1 [4] P. Vacca, Sealant composition. PCT 2013, WO144755A1


Graduated in chemisty in L’Aquila University and material sciences at Milano-Bicocca University, he’s involved in highly motivating and dynamic activities on new products development based on polymer composites and formulation chemistry. He daily fulfills customer service for Solutions for Electronic Devices area customizing and solving product and processe issues. Whitin Functional Chemicals Labs R&I projects portfolio, he makes his contribution deeping mechanical and rheological research aspects, from bulk features down to local and interface effects.

Company Profile:

The SAES Group is an advanced materials company, world leader in the supply of functional metals and functional polymers for a wide range of applications, from Consumer Electronics to Scientific and Research Systems, Lighting, Automotive, Medical and Telecommunications. SAES products and know-how are focused on gas handling and gettering, release of high purity vapours, shape memory and superelastic materials and addition of functionalized polymer systems. In the organic and flexible electronics applications, efficient electron injection material sources and encapsulation materials and solutions are granting SAES Group a leading role in the key aspects of product performances and lifetime reliability.