Falcon Liu

Falcon Liu

Marketing Director, PlayNitride Inc.

Presentation Title:

Recent development of MicroLED displays

Time: TBD

Presentation Abstract:

Ying-Tsang (Falcon) Liu (*), Kuan-Yung Liao, and Yun-Li Li

PlayNitride Inc., Hsinchu, TAIWAN

MicroLED display is believed to be the next generation of flat panel display. The concept of MicroLED display is simple. It can be treated as an LED video wall but shrunk into consumer product sizes with micro-meter scale LED chips as sub-pixel emitting elements. The reasons to develop MicroLED display are lower energy consumption and better reliability. Current LCD is a light absorbing device, which means most of light from backlight unit is wasted and transformed to heat. This will be a big energy crisis while we use more and more displays. OLED seems can reduce some energy consumption as an emissive display, but it is limited by material lifetime and weak environmental reliability. MicroLED could be a good solution by high efficiency and inorganic LED chips. By using PixeLEDTM display technology, we have built a 3.12”, 256×256 pixels, full color MicroLED sample. This sample was built by passive matrix backplane, red, green, and blue MicroLED chips, and a passive matrix OLED driver IC. The sample design parameters and display performance are shown in table 1. MicroLED display is an emerging technology with high brightness, wide color gamut, and high aperture ratio. In additional to traditional display applications, MicroLED display can be used for innovative display technology. Based on our proprietary PixeLEDTM Display technology, we demonstrated a high pixel density display as one possibility of many new applications.

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Falcon Liu is Marketing Director of PlayNitride Inc., a company provides ODM services of PixeLED technology for next generation and high performance MicroLED display technology. He oversees technical marketing, collaboration projects, and display technology applications. Falcon received his B.S. degree in Physics from National Taiwan University and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Boston University. He has worked as panel designer, product manager, product planning, and technical marketing in display industry for more than 15 years. Prior to joining PlayNitride, he worked in AU Optronics, SiPix Technology, Samsung Taiwan, and Corning Taiwan.

Company Profile:

PlayNitride Inc. was formally established in June 2014, a group of partners with the target “Change the World” were assembled to bring new ideas to the nitride industry.

Since 2014, PlayNitride Inc. has broadly explored in many areas, such as PixeLED Display Technology based on MicroLED, UVolution Solution by UV LED, and PlayBeacon Package by iBeacon. PlayNitride Inc. focus from hardware to software, from device to system integration, and emerging display applications.