Dr. Jie Zhang

Dr. Jie Zhang

Vice-President, Changzhou Institute of Printed Electronics Industry

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Printed Electronics in Additive Manufacturing

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Printed electronics and 3D printing are typical additive manufacturing that have been investigated in the academia and industry research labs for near 30 years. As the demands for fast change-over, smaller production quantity, and green manufacturing are increased, the additive manufacturing is merged to the mainstream and accepted by industries for daily production. Printed electronics is focused on functional materials to produce devices for electronics and optoelectronic applications, while the 3D printing is more focused on the structure formation for three dimensional parts and devices. Combining these two additive manufacturing technologies, one can produce the 3D structures with necessary functions for intelligent products. In this article, we review the printed electronics and 3D printing technology development status through the additive printing materials, process and applications. These technologies are cornerstones of the national additive intelligent manufacturing initiatives, therefore they are enabling and accelerating industry application development for additive manufacturing.


Jie Zhang obtained her PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She was a Principal Staff Engineer at Motorola Inc., USA, focusing on advanced manufacturing technologies in the field of component assembly, package miniaturization and reliability. In addition, she and her Motorola team propelled printed electronics technology industrialization in flexible electronics applications. She was a Senior Scientist III and Program Manager at Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), led the flexible and large area electronics and optoelectronics platform development. She is the Vice President of Institute of Printed Electronics Industry in Changzhou, China for printed and flexible electronics commercialization R&D in low cost sensor, sensor network, intelligent packaging, and health care applications. She has published more than 70 journal papers and been granted 22 US and world patents. She has been actively organizing and participating in industry roadmap and standard developments, and international conferences in printed and flexible electronics, additive and 3D manufacturing.

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