Dr. Jeremy Burroughes FRS, FREng, FIET, FInstP

CTO at Cambridge Display Technology Ltd
Fellow Sumitomo Chemical Corporation Ltd

Presentation Title:

Flexible OLEDs for Display and Sensor Applications

Presentation Abstract:

One of the challenges for efficient and low voltage OLEDs is the need to use a low work function cathode material which leads to increased encapsulation requirements.  For mainstream applications such as TVs and lighting, the additional cost is acceptable.

For more price sensitive applications, such as displays for white goods and smart cards or sensor applications a method is required to mitigate this issue.  This talk will explain how this can be achieved using an air-processable electron injection layer capped with just aluminium.  This OLED technology can then be used to make a lower cost OLED displays suitable for a variety of applications, which will be discussed in this presentation. 


Dr Jeremy Burroughes undertook a PhD. with Professor Sir Richard Friend at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge.  Just after finishing his PhD, he discovered that conjugated polymers could electro-luminesce.  This resulted in a patent being filed shortly afterwards, and lead to the formation of Cambridge Display Technology Ltd. a few years later. 

Between 1989 and 1997 he worked at T. J. Watson Research Center, IBM and Toshiba Corporation on inorganic semiconductor devices.

In 1997, he joined Cambridge Display Technology Ltd. and has held a senior position in the company ever since. His current position is Chief Technical Officer. During that time, the company was sold twice the latter time to Sumitomo Chemical and in between for a few years CDT was on the NASDAQ.  His current key responsibilities are technology identification and demonstration and Intellectual Property. He is also a Sumitomo Chemical Fellow, with responsibility for setting up new research initiatives in Japan, with CDT’s involvement.

Company Profile:

  • Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) is a spin-out Company from the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge
  • Since 2007, CDT is part of Sumitomo Chemical Group (SCC), as a Research and Development subsidiary in Europe.
  • CDT is recognised for its activities on the development of light emitting polymer technology (POLEDs) for Displays (TV’s) and Lighting, as well as some activities in Printed electronics.
  • We are now expanding our activities to cover other topics such as:
    • Low cost printed displays
    • Printable photodetectors and arrays
    • Gas sensors
    • Near infrared emitters
    • Bio-sensors
    • Printed thermo-electric generators
    • Printed hybrid super-capacitor/batteries,
    • Fluorescent Tags