Dr.James(Jueng Gil) Lee

Dr.James(Jueng Gil) Lee

Deputy Chief Engineer,Guangdong Juhua Printed Display Technology &TCL Corporate Research

Presentation Title

Printing OLED Technology for Next Premium TV Application

Presentation Abstract:

 The premium TV market is rapidly shifting from LCD (Non-Emissive Display) to OLED (Emissive Display). Its differentiating factors include exhibiting excellent image quality (C/R, HDR, Viewing Angle, Image Clarity..) and providing the freedom of design (Rollable/Foldable). (Fig.1). However,  the current OLED TV MP technology, such as White OLED+CF(Color Filter) technology, faces technical challenges to meet the market requirement in terms of high resolution (8K) and cost. The printing OLED technology is proving to be as a strong candidate to become the next premium OLED TV mass production technology. Meeting the market demands of high resolution (8k) with high aperture ratio (65” 8K OLED TV, A/R:>50%), the printing OLED technology is also cost competitive due to its simple device structure, material usage, high productivity, and overall lower investment cost as shown in Fig.2

This paper will address and discuss the technical challenges & latest technology breakthrough of printing OLED technology for TV application.

Fig. 1 Requirement of Premium TV Market and Display Technology Trend

Fig. 2  Device Architecture comparison between White OLED+CF and Printing OLED Technology.


1. Work Experience
• Dr. James Lee is an expert in OLED display manufacturing technology & product development for TV Application, including Flexible Display Technology Development.
•With 27 years of working experience, Dr.James has worked in leading global IT/Display companies: Apple (Principal Technologist), LG Display (Research Fellow), Samsung Electronics (Principal Engineer) and CDT (Director) holding fundamental IPs of Polymer OLED material/device architecture/process
•Currently Dr. Lee, Deputy Chief Engineer at TCL Corporate Research since April 2015, is responsible for the tasks in TCL Corporate Research & Guangdong Juhua Printed Display Technology Co.Ltd. related to Printing Display Technology, especially OLEDs, QLEDs (Quantum Dot) and flexible display technology.
• Published over 35 papers, Dr. Lee is a frequent invited speaker at OLED International Conference including “SID 2012 Keynote Speech, June 4th~8th, Boston U.S.A”
• Dr. Lee has been granted more than 70 patents: OLED, LCD, FED and Semiconductor Technology.
2. China Government Foreign Experts “1000 Talent Plan” Member
3. Education
Ph.D. in Material Science from Tohoku University in Sensai, Japan
M.S in Material Science from Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea
B.S in Material Science from Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea

Company Profile:

TCL (The Creative Life) Corporation is rapidly growing global IT & display company in China. The main business of TCL Corporation : TV(Wolrd No. 3), LCD Panel(World No.5), Mobile Phone and Home Appliance.

The Guangdong Juhua Printed Display Technology Co.Ltd, which is the “Open Platform Company” located at Guangzhou, was established in Dec. 2014. The mission is to develop the printing OLED/QLED TV technology including advanced/innovative flexible display technology and then to provide total solution to display companies in China to let them start volume production as soon as quickly.