Delong Zhang

Delong Zhang

GM, Vigor Gas Purification Technologies(suzhou)Co.,Ltd

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The R&D System of Pixel Inkjet Printing

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With the development of the technology, the varied display panels would be so ubiquitous that the market would be demanding. It is a challenge for the display panel industry. For example, the market will need a mass of low-cost and large-area display panels as well as the flexible display panels. New technologies including OLED and QLED are emerging, the RGB materials of OLED and QLED can be printed directly on the pole plates of the display panels, this does not only increase the utilization rate of some expensive materials but also reduce the cost of equipment and production to manufacture low-cost display panels. This report is to introduce the pixel inkjet printing system which includes the ultra-clean and ultra-pure inert atmospheric environment, inkjet printers, dry film technology etc


1979 – 89 Peking Univ., Inorganic Chemistry, BS, MS, Ph.D. Lanthanide Coordination Chemistry, Advisor: Guangxiang Xu · 1989 – 94 Univ. of Kansas, Bio-Inorganic Chemistry Transition metal Coordination Chemistry, Hemoglobin and enzymes Mimics; Advisor: Daryle H. Busch (ACS president) · 1995 – 96 Pacific Northwest National Lab, Postdoctoral Fellow Computational Chemistry, Design ligands by molecular mechanics · 1996–2005 Praxair Technology Center, Tonawanda, New York, Senior Scientist ·Led a team to develop New Adsorbents ·Research on Gas separation and gas purification technologies ·Led a team to develop TaN ALD Precursors · 2005–Now Vigor Gas Purification Technologies(Suzhou)Co.,Ltd ·Inert Atmospheric equipment, including Glovebox, Gas purification systems ·Develop lithium battery and OLED, OPV production technology ·Research gas adsorption materials and gas separation process

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Vigor Gas Purification Technologies Co., Ltd was founded in 2005. It has been devoting to providing the ultra-clean and ultra-pure inert gas environment solutions as well as researching designing and manufacturing inert gas equipment gas purification and liquid purification systems which can be applied to the fields of materials, chemistry, chemical engineering, OLED, 3D print, laser welding, lithium battery, solar cell and nuclear industry. Vigor has obtained the patents for leak-free seal and gas purification technologies which makes the O2 and moisture in the environment reach the level of PPB, and the N2 can be below 1 PPM. Moreover, the cleanliness can get to ISO-2. Based on the experience of the ultra-pure gas purification over 20 years, Vigor has developed the world-leading inert gas environment equipment and the technologies of seal and purification with more than 50 patents. The strong capabilities of design and customization make Vigor the trustworthy provider of technology solutions. Vigor has established companies branches and offices in China, USA and Europe. It has been constantly supplying inert gas equipment and system to various countries and areas all over the world to help the customers with their research and production.