David Wyatt

David Wyatt

CTO, PixelDisplay Inc

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The key challenges, and proposed solutions for realizing the ultimate next generation Super Hi-Vision 8K experience

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Covering the key challenges, and proposed solutions for realizing the ultimate next generation Super Hi-Vision 8K experience, based on ultra-wide Rec.2020 color gamut, dynamic ultra-high refresh-rate display and 3D. Some of the key features critical for next generation displays include ultra-lightweight, roll-out design, based on a flexible backplane, enabling portability and quick deployment, for presentation and sharing this new dimension in realism with the larger viewing audience.


David Wyatt is the CTO of PixelDisplay, a company he co-founded in 2015. David is the inventor of PixelDisplay’s VividColor HDR™ and NoBlue™ technologies that gives system developers access to better LED, and MicroLED based display solutions. David is originally from rural Australia where he studied Electrical Engineering in South Brisbane College, and Bachelor Computer Science at University of Queensland, then following his engineer passion for both hardware and software to found his first startup in Taiwan, learning Mandarin on the fly, before coming to the US through an acquisition. Prior to founding PixelDisplay, David was a Distinguished Engineer at NVIDIA working on both GPUs and Tegra.  Before NVIDIA, David was a Chief Engineer, and Platform Architect at Intel, Chips and Technologies, and Weitek. Now with over 20 year’s experience in Silicon Valley, David’s pioneering innovations have covered a wide range of disruptive technologies such as variable display refresh (including G-SYNC), content-adaptive high dynamic range, thinner lighter portable devices, high-speed wired/wireless links, intelligent touch and display controller chips; which have become an integral part of industry standards (including VESA, HDMI, HDCP and JEDEC).  David has filed more than 200 patents internationally, with over 90 issued in the US, across a wide variety of industries. David’s innovations have become key features on shipping products, including those from Apple, Asus, AuO, Google, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Lenovo, Sharp, Sony, Xiaomi and many more.