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I’ve been playing around with the Early Access disturb-o-fest that is Darkwood. Last night I had to stop as every hair on my body stood to attention.

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The developers felt bad that some players were forced to refund the game. Tagged with Acid Wizard Studio, indiegogo, there are a lot of words for ‘trousers’, Darkwood. Tagged with Acid Wizard Studio, Artur Kordas, design, feature, Gustaw Stachaszewski, permadeath, procedural generation, The Mechanic, Darkwood. In Darkwood, there’s an item you can show several NPCs called “photo of a road.” What’s interesting about this is that several of these entirely disparate wanderers have the exact same response to this curious snapshot.

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In terms of gameplay, much of your time is split between exploring the game world and fortifying your safe house. A map is auto-generated as you wander around but it’s not annotated in any way, so you have to work out where you are by orientating yourself via prominent landmarks.

However, this wasn’t necessarily planned when Acid Wizard first consulted the drawing board. Although jump-scares have become a staple of traditional horror, Darkwood actively eschews them for a more concentrated, psychological brand. Instead of having monsters jump out at you from behind locked doors, it allows you to see the movement of objects in the distance without displaying what it was that moved them. My name is Gustaw and I am the co-founder of Acid Wizard Studio, the developers behind Darkwood. With Darkwood being in Early Access, the developers are always looking to make the game better.


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Alongside that, progressing the story is an essential part of the loop. With the simple objective of escaping the village and surrounding woods, what you actually need to be doing in order to achieve that is left intentionally vague at times. Characters you encounter can offer guidance at certain points, but it’s not enough to go off of the majority of the time. An impressively original horror game whose doom-laden atmosphere and relentless day/night cycle is more terrifying than any jump scare. In sum, if it is not for crashes, I would give it a 8.5 or even 9/10.


  • Darkwood is a very challenging and unforgiving top-down survival horror game in development by Acid Wizard Studio.
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  • Lesser enemies, such as dogs, are worth taking out for the meat they give.
  • Darkwood (PS4) – that’s not a good signAs apocalyptic as the situation seems it’s clear from the start that you’re not the only survivor in the woods.
  • It has elements of survival gameplay and normal combat but since the true evils of the forest only come out at night there’s also lots of quieter moments where you’re exploring and interacting with other people.
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  • You’re a man lost in a set of corrupted woods somewhere in the Eastern Bloc, and it’s the densely-crowded of trees that are the game’s most compelling ‘character’.
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  • When the title boasted “a horror game without jump-scares”, I initially rolled my eyes.
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Every wiki contributor is invited to provide suggestions for naming the player skills in the game, which are currently still labelled with inconvienently lengthy phrases. You can now also get Darkwood on the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. A selection of great games, from modern hits to all-time classics, that you really shouldn’t miss. The announcement of the Nintendo Switch version was followed by articles by Variety and IGN.

You also have to keep a constant lookout for any useful items left hidden or laying around, as you learn to craft torches, bandages, lockpicks, traps, and barricades. Gears Tactics review – Gears Of War’s strategy turnDarkwood is the best game we’ve never heard of. Apparently it entered early access in 2014, on PC, and was officially released in 2017. But although the name rings a vague bell, we have to admit we had no idea what it was until last week and have certainly never played it before. As we understand from those that did play it at the beginning, it’s changed an awful lot over the years but has never been better than it is now, with this new console release.

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This game has a lot of potential, I would love to see and play Darkwood 2. You don’t know the true meaning of ‘horror’ until you have played Darkwood. Its steep learning curve, oppressive atmosphere and often frustrating control https://www.earlyaccessgaming.net/hello-neighbor-get-off-my-lawn/ scheme make sure Darkwood isn’t an experience everyone will enjoy. However, if you are a fan of indie horror titles that have the power to chill you to the core, you may just have found what you didn’t know you were looking for.

“Around here,” they say, “all roads lead to nowhere.” And as Darkwood’s forest is guzzled up by the rapidly encroaching night, roads are no longer places-between-places. Instead, they’re a communal necropolis, waiting for the creatures of the night to tribute more destitute dupes to its earthy, deathly soil. Most of the citizens here immediately associate you with an aura of antipathy, but the fact they live in such an aloof society is horrifying. All around, the world is darkening and fading, and this singular town, serving as a bastion against a descent into savagery, is inevitably lost. Because you, the safe and sound player, get to witness it from an external perspective, The Village’s encroaching demise is drastically more affecting.

This is the last of the world, and it’s due to go out not with a bang, but a whimper. When Darkwood originally launched in early access in 2014, it was an ambitious game that suffered from clunkiness and a lack of identity. In GameSpot’s early access review, writer Brett Todd admired its willingness https://www.earlyaccessgaming.net/ to experiment with aesthetics and rework the concept of permadeath, but couldn’t get past the fact that it wasn’t quite ready to go on sale. The most apparent form in which Darkwood subverts the idea of jump-scares can be seen in its tight restriction of field-of-view mechanics.