Could possibly another person hack you as long as they know your IP address

I you should not do Afrikaans IPA any much more, ever considering the fact that I realised that I pronounce some of the vowels a bit off and I don’t want to insert everything incorrect in our entries. @Naudefj could possibly be in a position to enable you on that entrance.

-Μετάknowledge explore/deeds eighteen:29, 5 March 2018 (UTC) This may possibly assistance: Uitspraakwoordeboek van Afrikaans. Regards.

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Naudefj (chat) 04:fifty nine, six March 2018 (UTC) Thank you so significantly! -Μετάknowledge examine/deeds 05:05, six March 2018 (UTC) Of course, it was that quite helpful source’s use of /ɑ/ (for which we would in all probability use /ä/ , see webpage ix (pdf: 9) also they use /a/ in Afrikaanse fonetiek , internet pages 32, 46, fifty) and the distinction with Wikipedia’s /a/ that built me marvel about what technique to use. I will inquire Mr KEBAB about it. ←₰-→ Lingo Bingo Dingo (discuss) 12:49, 6 March 2018 (UTC)It is without a doubt sockpuppeting, but some of the more recent edits can not be worse than the ones they remaining guiding months in the past (like 𒂗𒈗𒋀), can they? (Just pondering if reverting everything is a bit extreme. may as very well delete the authentic entry by itself in the circumstances?) -suzukaze (t・c) 04:fifty three, three March 2018 (UTC)They seemingly have a limited capability to learn, so I see no reason that the newer edits are any superior than the more mature types.

I meant only to go away edits that @Vorziblix had checked, but I see that entry slipped by means of (like a lot of other individuals, regrettably) – it can be deleted except somebody checks it now. -Μετάknowledge examine/deeds 05:08, 3 March 2018 (UTC)Hi there.

Can an IP address be hacked

You deleted the page ataxiophobia for staying a “artistic invention”. despite getting nicely attested to? Intellect explaining that? FourMastab (speak) 21:46, four March 2018 (UTC)I have previously discussed on your discuss web site. -Μετάknowledge examine/deeds 21:forty six, 4 March 2018 (UTC)Hello! Do you know why the templates >, > and many others. never quickly build group addition to “X-language conditions with quotations” if the passage is included into |passage=>> ? Is it definitely meant to be that way? As it is now, tons of quotations are included to all types of languages without having the terms staying stated in the group.

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I imagine it really is practical to be equipped to research for terms with quotations, for many needs. Allahverdi Verdizade (discuss) seventeen:fifty nine, six March 2018 (UTC)I really don’t know. @Sgconlaw? -Μετάknowledge discuss/deeds eighteen:05, 6 March 2018 (UTC) The original templates that I labored on failed to have this element either. The challenge is that the templates would have to be updated to permit a single to specify the language of a quotation, and I am scared that is probably over and above my coding abilities as I am not familiar with Lua.

– SGconlaw (converse) 19:50, six March 2018 (UTC) Alright, thank you. I really should ask for an update on Grease pit, then. That is, if it truly is not also huge of a venture to question another person to do there.

Allahverdi Verdizade (talk) 20:56, six March 2018 (UTC)Why did you revert my additions? Do you even verify to see if a phrase is attested?The phrase is attested:I really did when I observed less than a webpage of Google outcomes, only two of which had been from impartial textbooks, I assumed it was a protologism. I am happy to see that just one of the non-reserve outcomes was this EU report which is presumably durably archived, so I have restored the entry, and presented it the well-acquired context label ( scarce ). -Μετάknowledge explore/deeds 19:fifteen, 7 March 2018 (UTC)Hi. Are you confident that the situation of the clock in the image at the entry pendlovky can be referred to as “a glass situation”? It appears to be to me that “glassed” is better.

-Jan Kameníček (discuss) 23:23, 9 March 2018 (UTC)The phrase glassed is relatively unusual in English, and it appears less organic in this context. -Μετάknowledge examine/deeds 23:26, 9 March 2018 (UTC) Alright.