Congjun Cao

Congjun Cao

XI’ an university of technology, Executive Deputy Dean, Director of Printing & Packaging Engineering Technology Research Center of Shaanxi Province

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Anti-counterfeiting tracing technique based on mixed Random Features

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Ms Cao Congjun was born in October 1970. She graduated from Northwestern University with Ph.D. in computer Software and Theory. She is currently a Full professor of the Faculty of Printing, Packaging Engineering and digital media technology in Xi’an University of Technology in P.R.China. Her research focuses on cross-media colour reproduction, quality control technology of printing image reproduction and functional printed materials. And she was served as Dean of Faculty of Printing, Packaging Engineering and Digital Media Technology from January,2015 to October, 2016. From 2016.10 till now, she has served as the executive deputy dean of the faculty .From Nov,2011 to Nov,2014 she was as a member of the Printing and Packaging Teaching steering Committee of the Ministry of Education. Now she is the trustee of the China Printing and equipment Industry Association, the expert of China Digital Printing Association, the member of the National Green Packaging Committee, and the vice president of Shaanxi Provincial Printing Technology Association and Shaanxi Provincial Packaging Technology Association.

In teaching experience, she devoted herself to the reform of educational connotation, development direction and talent training mode of printing engineering and received an award of first prize  of 2017 higher Education Teaching Achievement of Shaanxi Province. In the aspect of scientific research, She has presided more than 40 research projects. More than 40 papers were published ,in which more than 10 papers were retrieved by SCI and EI. In addition 2 patents were authorized  and 2 scientific research awards were achieved at the municipal level

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