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Flexterra is an advanced materials company enabling the production of flexible electronics products at large scale. Based upon 10 years of fundamental chemistry & physics R&D, we have developed truly flexible transistor technologies based on unconventional electronic materials and formulations, the ActivInk® family.

Made possible by breakthrough Flexterra materials and functional inks, our technology enables the manufacturing of truly flexible transistors via both traditional photolithography as well as new low-cost, high-throughput methodologies such as printing. As per January 2017 we have over 200 patents properties including over 100 granted patents worldwide across flexible transistor materials, flexible transistor processes, flexible transistor architectures.

Partnered with SAES Group, Flexterra provides material platforms tailored for specific manufacturing processes and applications as well as close technical support to our customers.


SAES Getters S.p.A.

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Booth No. A05

The SAES Group is an advanced materials company, world leader in the supply of functional metals and functional polymers for a wide range of applications, from Consumer Electronics to Scientific and Research Systems, Lighting, Automotive, Medical and Telecommunications among others. SAES products and know-how are focused on gas handling and gettering, release of high purity vapours, shape memory and superelastic materials and addition of specialized functionalities to polymer systems.

In the organic and flexible electronics applications, efficient electron injection material sources and encapsulation materials and solutions are granting SAES Group a leading role in the key aspects of product performances and lifetime reliability.

All the Group factories are certified according to proper ISO/DIN standards related to their own business field.

As far as the Functional Chemicals Business Unit is concerned, we provide a very large portfolio of active edge sealants, active transparent fillers, dispensable getters. These products come as the result of our deep know-how in functional polymer composites, and they are specially tailored to address customers’ specific OLED designs and processes. Leveraging on our functional chemicals technology, we have been able to develop solventless formulations, with water sorption capacities exceeding 13 percent in weight and very high flexibility and adhesiveness for fully bendable devices. Our products can be applied via screen printing, blading, syringe, ink-jetting, ODF and even be employed in thin film encapsulation structures, to make them simpler and more reliable.

Another important class of products is related to AlkaMax: this technology offers an efficient and safe method of depositing ultrapure alkali metals. Our alkali metal dispensers and pills keep the alkali metal pure in the form of a stable salt, until it is thermally activated in the evaporation chamber.

The SAES Group has a broad network of collaborations worldwide with universities, research centers, equipment makers and other material companies as well.  




SAES Group Headquarters and R&D

Viale Italia 77

20020 Lainate (MI) – ITALY

Ph. +39 02 93178 539

SAES Getters (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

No. 18, Xianlin Avenue, Room 401 & 403, Building A, Maqun Science Entrepreneurship Center

Nanjing 210049 (Qixia District)  – P.R. of China

Ph. +86 25 8580 2335

Website: http://www.saesgroup.com

E- Mail:             functional_chemicals@saes-group.com