Platform Design Automation, Inc.(PDA)

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Platform Design Automation, Inc.(PDA)provides high speed, high frequency and high reliability IC test, EDA solutions and related engineering services driven by AI algorithm, core team members are graduated from Department of Electronic Engineering in Tsinghua University. The product of PDA covers AI driven semiconductor characterization system, device model, PDK related EDA tools and services, and one-stop design support service aiming high-end design house and foundry. PDA is national high-tech company, Beijing Software Company. PDA HQ is in Beijing, with the 700m2 engineering service center and precision lab located in Shunyi, and has branch offices in Shanghai and Taiwan Hsinchu. Customers of PDA includes leading foundries, design houses, IDMs, related research institutions and universities.

KunShan Hisense Electronic Co.,Ltd


HS Electronics

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As a high-teach company founded in Apr., 2007 by Xu Haisheng and Zhou Yong et al. who returned from United States as doctors, Kunshan Hisense Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in the Technological Entrepreneurship Center of Overseas Students, Kunshan Economic & Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. The company is committed to R&D and production of high-precision digital printing technology and printed electronics, as well as the supply of printing technique and programs. The company takes the development and production of high-speed and high-precision digital printing technology and equipment as the core. Besides, the company also develops the electronic material related to printed electronics, such as nano-silver conductive ink, conductive silver paste and organic ferroelectric polymers, etc. The products and programs offered by the company have been widely used in multiple industrial fields, such as semiconductor, PCB, solar cell, TFE,OLED/QLED display, digital printing, touch screen, RFID, variable information intelligent packaging, etc. As the first company to engage in the R&D and production of printed electronics in China, Hisense possess the lead technique level around the world. 

Kunshan Hisense Electronics Co., Ltd. is armed with the R&D and management team mainly formed by returned overseas students, R&D center, production base, the super clean room with more than 1,000 square meters as well as multiple advanced facilities for research and production such as industrial ink-jet printing equipment. The company is counted as Kunshan Technical Center, domestic-funded R&D institution of Suzhou City and the new and high technology enterprise of Jiangsu Province. The company has also undertaken several municipal, provincial and national science and technology projects, such as Leading Personnel of Jiangsu Province, Dual Creative Talents of Jiangsu Province, Science and Technology Support Plan for Industry of Jiangsu Province, Innovation Fund of Ministry of Science and Technology and Key Projects of National Natural Science Foundation. What’s more, the company has applied for 21 different patents.

Based on the powerful R&D and production capacity of digital printing and printed electronics, Kunshan Hisense Electronics Co., Ltd. adopts modern management and marketing concepts, takes the initiative to expand domestic and overseas markets, as well as sets up a good brand image. What Hisense strives to do is making a contribution to the innovation of global printed electronic industry and the development of electronic information industry.




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SEMILAB, Semiconductor Physics Laboratory Co.,Ltd. Established in 1989 is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art metrology equipments for semiconductor, photovoltaic, FPD, LED industry as well as for scientific and research institutions. Its headquartersis located in Budapest, Hungary and it possesses two product R&D and production centers in the US and has set up branches in China, France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan. As the best electrical parameter characterization company in the industry, Semilab is ranking 1st in the photovoltaic industry and fourth in the semiconductor industry, providing a complete metrology solution for production monitoring and quality control. Many companies have been acquired by Semilab since 2004 as followings. With more than 150 patents, Semilab is providing the leading technologies in semiconductor, photovoltaic, FPD, LED industry as well as for scientific and research institutions.

2004: Semilab acquired assets of SemiTest Inc.

2005: Semilab acquired JPV patents from IBM Corp.

2008: Semilab acquired majority ownership of SSM Inc.

2008: Semilab acquired ownership of Sopra France

2008: Semilab acquired the Boxer Cross technology from Applied Materials, Inc.

2008: Semilab acquired ownership of QC Solutions

2009: Semilab acquired ownership of AMS and SDI

2010: Semilab acquire ownership of Basler technology

2011: Semilab acquire Todival Solar

2015: Semilab acquire DME

In 2006, Semilab entered into China and established a representative offi ce. Then Semilab China was estabilished in 2009, the wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai who is responsible for sales and services in China. Semilab China is located in Pudong Shanghai and hasafter sales service centers in Beijing, Wuxi, Changzhou and Suzhou. The goal is to be customer parterner by providing the best metrology solution and service capability.




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Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO), CAS, located in the Suzhou Industrial Park, is jointly founded by the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and Suzhou Municipal People’s Government.

The institute consists of two systems, namely R&D system and service system. The R&D system includes seven research divisions, i.e., Division of Nanodevices and Materials, Intehrnational Laboratory for Adaptive Bio-nanotechology (i-LAB), Printable Electronics Research Center (PERC) etc. The service system of the institute include Nano-fabrication Facility, Platform for Characterization & Test ,etc, of which the Nano-fabrication Facility has device and equipment totally worthy of more than 15 million dollars and ranks an important nanofabrication and engineering platform around China.

SINANO has signed several international agreements with a number of institutes, universities and enterprises around the world, including US, Germany, Russia, Canada, Japan, Finland, Singapore, Hong Kong and many others regions or countries. A broad partnership has also been established with many domestic universities and research institutions.




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Guangdong Nanhai ETEB Technology Co., Ltd. (ETEB), located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, was founded in April 2014. 

ETEB has invested over 20 million Yuan RMB (~US$3M) in the field of printed electronics.

ETEB established full R&D and engineering capability of material synthesis, ink formulation and printing processes. The members of ETEB accumulated 30 international patents and 11 Chinese patents and ETEB also possessed 22 invention patents in China.

ETEB developed the mass-production technology of controllable synthesis and process of nanomaterials, including a range of silver nanomaterials (nano particles, nano flakes, nano wires), which were formulated into the high performance conductive inks or pastes (for gravure, inkjet, screen printing and coating processes).

Recently, ETEB has expanded its technology to mass-production capability of downstream products like transparent conductive films, fully-printed RFID tags and other printed and flexible electronics components.

With its high standard of QA/QC system certified by the ISO 9001:2008, ETEB can provide the SGS/ROHS-certified and customized products to its customers worldwide.

With its mission statement:“Enlighten Tomorrow and Ever Bright”, ETEB has taken in world class talents in from China, USA and South Korea, and committed to be the functional nanomaterials innovator as well as the total solution provider to the printed and flexible electronics industrial.

Changzhou Institute of Printed Electronics Industry


Changzhou Institute of Printed Electronics Industry

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Institute Overview Printed electronics technology is the electronics manufacturing technology based on the printing principle; by printed electronics technology, electronic materials are prepared into functional inks, to manufacture electronic devices and systems with the printing method; the printed electronics technology has the advantages of simple production process, small loss of raw materials, low equipment investment, and low costs for production. It is a green manufacturing technology. The related products feature large area, good flexibility, etc., and have shown great development potential and broad market prospects in the wearable electronics, flexible display and lighting, health care and other fields. It is expected that by 2025, the international sales of various types of printed electronics products will reach 300 billion US dollars.

Changzhou Institute of Printed Electronics Industry was established on September 9, 2013. It is China’s first printed electronics industry technology development institute initiated and built by the local government. It was co-founded by the Changzhou People’s Government and Changzhou National High-tech Zone Management Committee, and supported by the National Printed Electronics Industry Technology Innovation Alliance. The institute implements the enterprise operation mode.

The main operation body of the Institute – “Changzhou Institute of Printed Electronics Industry” is a wholly state-owned enterprise, which was formally established and began operation in September 2013, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan, located at F2, Block A, Liaohe Road 901,Changzhou. The company’s main businesses cover industrialized technology research and development, research result transformation, technology transfer, venture investment and financing services in the field of printed electronics industry. The construction of the public platform has been initially completed.

National Research Council Canada


National Research Council Canada

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The National Research Council (NRC) is the Government of Canada’s premier research organization supporting industrial innovation, the advancement of knowledge and technology development, and fulfilling government mandates.

Working with clients and partners, we provide innovation support, strategic research, scientific and technical services.  NRC has just what industry needs: infrastructure, personnel, equipment, experience and networking capabilities. We offer access to leading technology equipment, research and training programs.  We provide industry with a lower-risk way to develop innovative ideas, reduce start-up costs, and shorten time to market.




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Vigor Gas Purification Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Vigor is a publicly traded company specializing in inert gas purification technologies and equipment, and provides complete solutions to any inert atmosphere research problem. Founded by scientists, Vigor employs scientists and glovebox users from various backgrounds (chemistry, materials, chemical engineering – just to name a few!). Vigor scientists possess many years of academic and industrial experience in novel gas purification materials and ultra-pure gas purification processes (ppm to ppb). Vigor has developed many innovative technologies and the world’s leading glovebox seal. Vigor is constantly innovating and holds many patents.

With broad experience and expertise, Vigor provides the best glovebox and purification systems on the market, and is also ready to work together with clients to and solve any new or challenging research problems. 




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Mi Fang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a Shanghai-based High-Tech Start-up Enterprise centered on flexible electronic printing. Different from traditional 3D printing, which can only print physical structure, Mi Fang can print a complete electronic system, including microprocessor, display and photovoltaic by one “micro-electronic” printer. This innovative technology can be widely used in the Internet of Things, wearable devices, additive manufacturing, solar cells, integrated circuits and other fields.

Our R&D team has more than 20 members, including forty percent of Doctors and Masters. We maintain broad cooperation with many Universities including Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tongji University. In addition, we have applied for more than 30 international patents.


Based on our multiple self-developed patents, We have set up a unique designing and manufacturing platform for flexible integrated circuits and multi-functional electronic systems, as an alternative of rigid, bulky and expensive silicon chips for smart electronic devices.


Our Advantage

  1. Functional materials are much cheaper than silicon based materials. With this, a non-silicon integrated circuit can be achieved on a plastic thin film with a thickness of less than 100 nm. Moreover, Mi Fang’s 50+ inks can offer you the possibility to get display, sense, human-computer interaction and energy on one flexible film, far beyond the border of traditional electronics industry.
  2. Much cheaper and simpler than silicon based manufacture, Mi Fang’s technology can achieve sophisticated pattern without vacuum deposition and high processing temperature (less than 150℃).

Our Main Products

  1. Revolutionary Prtronic micro-electronic printer.
  2. 50+ inks to match the printer.
  3. Software specially designed for printing electronics makes electronic engineering design easier and faster.
  4. On the design document distribution platform, you can share your design with thousands of people.




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PSTEK is one of the global leaders in the induction heating system industry.
PSTEK have been developing and supplying power systems since 1998 in Korea based on induction heating technology.
Our main products are high capacity induction heating heat treatment power supply, induction heating furnace power supply, dual frequency induction heating heat treatment system, piper welder.
Our products line-up is induction heating power supply, and industrial power supply. The products of PSTEK are efficiently designed so that can energy saving, easy maintenance.
Our main customers are POSCO, Hyundai Steel, SehA Steel in Korea, and KITASHIBA in Japan.
We built our new factory 2017 at near SEOUL city according to increased the customers demand and future plan.
Our goal is to secure the best technologies in the fields of induction heating power supply based on our technological capability.