Cai-Fu Li

Cai-Fu Li

Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University

Presentation Title:

Long-time stability of the stretchable wirings at different environment conditions

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Presentation Abstract:

Stretchable electronics have gained much attention due to their wide applications in various areas such as artificial skins, healthcare devices as well as other wearable devices.Stretchable wiring is one of the most important factors for realizing stretchable electronics.Conductive polymers, ionic conductors, and composite conductive materials are being developed for stretchable wirings. Amongst them, composite conductor composed of elastomer and conductive fillers is the most popular candidate for conductive wirings due to its simple preparation process and better stretchability. Seldom research was conducted on the long-time stability of the stretchable wirings under different application conditions.

Here, a low cost and highly stretchable paste is developed with Ag micro flakes and PDMS,which can be fabricated into stretchable wirings under a low curing temperature with printing method. The resistivity of the prepared wiring can reach as low as 2.2 ´ 10-4 W×cm.The resistance change of the stretchable wiring was measured under different storage conditions of high temperature, high relative humidity (RH) and thermal cycling. Moreover,the stretchability of the wirings is evaluated after storage under different conditions. Fig. 1 shows the relative resistance (R/R 0 ) during tensile test after storage under high RH condition. It can be seen that the stretchability of the wirings can reach as much as 80% even after 1000 hours. And the R/R 0 rises when the tensile strain is increased, and the rising trend do not change very much after storage. All these results show that the stretchable wiring has a long-time stability.


He got his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering in Institute of Metal Research (IMR),Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
Research interests:
 Stretchable conductive materials and assembling technology for wearable electronics
 Highly conductive and reliable flexible Cu film prepared with printable method

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