Bo-Ru (Paul) Yang

Dr. Klaus Hecker


Presentation Title:

30-Inch Active Matrix Driven Flexible E-Paper and Future Technologies for Realizing Full Color

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Presentation Abstract:

Bo-Ru (Paul) Yang1*, Li Wang1, Xidu Wang2, Dianlu Hu2, Yuhu Lin2,

Xi Zeng2, and Yu Chen2

(1) State Key Lab of Opto-Electronic Materials & Technologies, Guangdong Province Key Lab of Display Material and Technology, School of Electronics and Information Technology, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangdong 510275, China

(2) Guangzhou OED technologies Inc., China.

Using electrophoretic particles to show information images has created a new category of reflective display, termed “Electro-Phoretic Display, (EPD).” EPD has its inherent capability of good sunlight visibility as well as the capability of fabricated with roll-to-roll process, which has make it as a very unique and critical technology. However, it is still quite difficult to realize the larger area flexible AM-EPD as well as making it full-color.

In this paper, we explored the challenges, and proposed a method to demonstrate a 30-inch flexible AM-EPD with 10 pieces of 8-inch EPD modules, with an effective resolution of 3840 x 2048. The fabrication of flexible EPD panels and the system of splicing-method to large size display are discussed. Also, the plausible method of using transferring technology for realizing full-color EPD is also discussed.


Dr. Bo-Ru (Paul) Yang is a professor in Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU), China, researching on the flexible electronics and displays. In 2016, he won the SID Distinguished Paper Award. Before joining SYSU, he was working with SiPix-Eink for E-Paper as a RD manager. He is also an associate editor of Journal of Society for Information Display, JSID, and chair of flexible display and E-paper committee in SID 2018. He is also a committee of SEMI Flextech China, IMID (Korean SID), and IDMC (SID Taipei Chapter).

He studied in Oxford University, Tohoku University, and National Chiao Tung University during his PhD, and also finished an MBA program simultaneously. He was working with SiPix-Eink during 2009-2012, developing the new-generation color E-Paper. Since Dec. 2012, he joined Sun Yat-Sen University, China, researching on the flexible electronics and displays, and co-worked with companies in Zhu-River-Delta area. In 2018, his team demonstrated a 30-inch active matrix driven flexible E-Paper.

Company Profile:

Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU) is the largest university in southern China. It locates in Guangzhou, easily commuting to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Zhu-Hai, and Macau. It is an important talent and technology incubator for Zhu-River-Delta area.