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Typical questions about install custom, third-party presets and profiles from Lightroom. For help directions, see Import profiles. If you are trying to migrate your Lightroom Classic create presets in to Lightroom, visit Migrate Presets. Install Lightroom on your desktop computer. Launch Lightroom desktopcomputer. When you start Lightroom desktop (v 2018 launch or later) for the first time after installing or updating, the existing Lightroom Classic profiles and presets on your computer are merged to Lightroom. (Optional) If you make any alterations or add new presets into Lightroom Classic (later auto-migration to Lightroom desktop), do one of the following: a. Migrate that the new/updated presets into Lightroom manually For Support instructions, visit Migrate Presets. B. Use the export conversation in Lightroom desktop In the menu bar, select File > Publish Profiles & Presets. In the Import dialog that appears, navigate to the necessary path and select the presets you would like to import. Examine the file place for Lightroom Classic presets on Win and macOS. Click Publish. Make sure the Lightroom app on your cell device is updated to the newest version. The presets and profiles that you have installed in Lightroom desktop will automatically sync with Lightroom on cellular. From the Import dialog that appears, browse to the necessary path and choose profiles or presets which you Best Preset Lightroom Vintage want to export. First, install the VSCO presets and profiles to Lightroom Classic. VSCO preset packs incorporate a professional that provides setup support for the two Lightroom Classic along with Lightroom. To get Lightroom Classic, the installer at the VSCO packs supports presets, curves, and camera fans. For Lightroom, it installs presets and curves but perhaps not the camera . Manually import all VSCO camera profiles from Lightroom. In the Import dialog that appears, navigate to the trail below and choose the VSCO profiles which you found in Step 1. Win: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles When you start Lightroom for the first time after upgrading to the latest version, the present profiles on your own computer are automatically inserted. If you want to set up fresh XRite or DNG Profile Creator profiles after the first launch, do the following: Save profiles out of XRite or DNG Profile Creator for your desktop computer. Open Lightroom. From the menu bar, choose File > Import Profiles & Presets. In the Import dialog that appears, browse and pick the profiles that you saved in Step 1. In Lightroom, choose File > Import Profiles & Presets from the menu bar. In the Import dialog which appears, navigate to the path below and choose the profiles you want to import. Mac: Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles