An-Jung Chung

An-Jung Chung

Director KoPEA
KoPEA Secretariat
IEC TC119 Korea Mirror Committee Expert

Presentation Title:

Next Generation Hybrid Flexible & Printed Electronics Technology Development Strategy

 Time: TBD

Presentation Abstract:

Recently, demand for the development of hybrid flexible & printed electronics technology for the next generation of flexible & printed electronics products that will lead the fourth industrial revolution such as autonomous driving cars, foldable / wearable, etc. which require flexible, stressable and smart functions at the same time

○ Promotion of Commercialization – Accelerate commercialization of developed technology, maximize performance through technology linkage and expand beneficiary company

○ Platform Construction – Supporting the process support and commercialization with the platform function of joint use of virtual equipment utilizing existing equipments (Quick-turn around product support

○ Supporting Package – Supporting technology development by developing next generation technology, standard establishment, professional manpower



Auditor at Asia Economic Cooperation Foundation, Korea Director at Korea Printed Electronics Industry Association, KoreaMember IEC TC119 WG1 Expert of Korea delegate. Member IEC TC119 WG5 Project leader of Korea delegate.

Company Profile:

Korea Printed Electronics Association (KoPEA), formerly launched as Korea Printed Electronics Council in 2010, started its business to boost the development of the printed electronics industry based on collaborations between industry, academy, and research institution, which would become one of the world leading industries and new growth engines in Korea.